"Our crew was absolutely blown away by their experience with Jeff this past week. His ability to quickly connect with each participant, his approach to the readbacks and grasp of the material all lent to a learning experience second to none.  Greatly appreciated."

-John Krahe, MBA

Orville Scarborough,

Outer Beaches Realty

Jeff did a great job and kept everyone involved.

Roxanne Staylor, Outer Beaches Realty

Thank you all for a great 3 days - enjoyed the material and being together. 

Kate Shirk, Fort Pitt Capital Group

I didn't know the app existed, very cool!

Heather DeLano, Foundation Radiology Group



Great workshop - lots of ground to cover but all super interesting!

Adam Hunt, Capital Industries


I really enjoyed the training. I feel the I learned more from the PI reports than my previous experience with DISC. 

Trent Deer, The Prosper Group

I absolutely loved it

Nate Behrendsen, CMFG

I learned more than expected

Bart Hake, CMFG



Great class. Really enjoyed it.

Doug Green,

Tingue, Brown & Co.

Sonia was super - great energy, very very strong command of all topics.

Jill Carmody, Matilda Jane Clothing

Sonia was a great and engaging instructor.

Christine Ehlers, Reinshaw Inc 

The job targets will be incredibly useful.

Katherine Katz,



Learned way too much! I liked being in a group with other perspectives. 

Sandra Fitzgerald, Public Trust Advisors, LLC

Very engaging.

Maggie Whitley, Public Trust Advisors, LLC

Sonia was great and engaging!

Dawn Valentine, ENTREC

It was a great class!

Adam Long,

University of South Carolina Upstate

Wonderful class.

Anthony Brown, Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services Inc.

Great session. Really enjoyed Jeff breaking things down to a basic level.

Geoffrey Heller, NiSource

It exceeded my expectations.

Jeannie Chapman, University of South Carolina Upstate 

The delivery and content was excellent.

Adam Long,

University of South Carolina Upstate

Wonderful class.

Tracey Young,

Planet Fitness- TG3 Enterprises, Inc. 

I've done 3 PI training's - two full day - and this one day was by far the best!

Randy Ribeck,

Planet Fitness- TG3 Enterprises, Inc.

Great flow and interaction.

Danielle Putnam, Planet Fitness- TG3 Enterprises, Inc.

This was great!

Mike Rosey,

Planet Fitness - TG3 Enterprises, Inc.

Very informative. Overall great experience!

Sheri Peitersen,
J.J Keller & Associates 

The workshop provided the necessary tools to be successful.

John Sieracki,

J.J. Keller & Associates

Outstanding course!

Jill Bidwell, 
Stover Controls

Great course - I haven't learned so much in a training that is applicable to my job in a long time!

Sandy Milton, 

Very knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing instructor!

Kami Manni, 


This was a very detailed training with a lot of information.

Michael Coyle, 

Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

Great learning experience.

Phyllis Baylor, Louisville Airport Authority

Sonia is a good presenter who kept my attention. The visuals were a great asset to the workshop.

Tom Hatfield, Louisville Airport Authority

Very Informative.

Ariel Acuna,

The Azek Company 

Awesome 2 days!

Michelle Ganuelas, Trustwave

Great job! High energy from start to finish both days.

Judy Gaus, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Great session!

Adem Tahiri,

The Bradford Group 

Sonia did a great job and I understand the tools better.

Pete Ladd,


I'm really glad I participated in this training, 

Suzanne Powers, NEWPRO

I thought it was a great & informative workshop.

Mark Hatfield, miSourcer

Very professional. Great material, left training feeling excited about PI.

Cristina Rotondo-Richley,

Universal Robots 

Sonia was a great presenter and kept everybody engaged. Excellent workshop.

Cari Mead,

Salas O'Brien 

Jeff did an outstanding job.

Jeremy Rhodes,

Salas O'Brien

The  greatest single benefit I derived from this workshop was insight on peers.

Tony Dworznik,

DRB Systems 

Great class, I left with much insight.

Christine Osman,

Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services Inc

Jeff was excellent. Very engaging and knowledgeable. 

Sara Grech, Meadowbrook Inc.

Great speaker. Very knowledgeable.

Rick Wagner, Meadowbrook Inc.

Sonia did a great job.

Joe Rodriguez,

GWC Warranty

One of the best classes I have attended.

Sarah Levin,

GWC Warranty

Content was excellent.

Amanda James,

Ares Sportswear Dyenomite Apparel

Jeff was amazing, great trainer!

Danielle Schneider, Synergistic Systems HC

Instructors were enthusiastic and well-prepared.

Melissa Taylor,


Awesome class!!!

Zach Detweiler, Arcanum Alloys

Really helpful course that will jump start our use of PI by making me more confident in our implementation.

Nicholas Segbers, Chemline

Very professional, very helpful.

Gretchen Clark,

Deep Well Services 

Instructor was incredibly informative, motivating, & entertaining.

Taysha Allen,

The Azek Company

Sonia is a great instructor. She's very knowledgeable.

Sonia Nagra, Hanold Associates 

I really enjoyed the course.

Brandi Heidler, Colliers International 

Sonia was excellent!

Mitch Fiszer,

The Azek Company

Sonia was great.

Mary Schmidt, Aviacode

Completely worth the time. Learned the importance of why the PI is a 'must need' tool for recruiters & hiring managers.

Jeannie Shetler, 

David Hobbs Honda

It was a great program.

John Krahe,


Our crew was absolutely blown away by their experience with Jeff this past week. His ability to quickly connect with each participant, his approach to the readbacks and grasp of the material all lent to a learning experience second to none.  Greatly appreciated.

Brian Monette,

Praxis Packaging Solutions 

Great conversationalist and trainer.

Brad Bennett,

Look Communications 

Great class.

David Humphries,

BIG Construction LLC

Sonia was a great trainer and the info was presented well.

Melissa Robinson,


Great facilitator, great product! Thanks Sonia.

Michael Kunen,


Great and engaging session. Loved the speaker!”

Kathryn Dent,

Hanold Associates

Great instruction! Very engaging and energizing.

Alex Barret,

Year Up

This was an extremely well organized & engaging training. I’m excited to continue to explore PI and have convos at my org. Thank you!

Theresa Gnass,

JAC Products

So many ‘aha’ moments over the last two days!”

Alyssa Yagoda, Foundation Radiology Group

I think the PI is fascinating. Sonia did an amazing job – very knowledgeable, engaging, & easy to understand/follow.

Lee Ann Pontis, Foundation Radiology Group

Liked the speed reading. Sonia was awesome.

Thomas Bankstahl,

Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital

Sonia was great – Great instructor! Great teacher! Able to connect.

Amber James,

US Safety Gear

Jeff was very engaging and had a lot of teeter-totter examples on how to help differentiate the factors.

Hannah Chaney, Reladyne

I finally understand completely what I need to work at my best & be the most productive.

Krista Somershoe, Reladyne

This is the best adult training I have ever attended.

Brett Friedel,

DRB Systems

Great training. Learned a lot.

Steve Kinney,


Very good workshop.

Alexa Hayward, West Shore Home

Awesome trainer.

Scott Mitchell,


Overall, great workshop that will deliver meaningful & lasting impact on my business.

Chris Marshall,

New Life Christian Ministries

Jeff was clear and knowledgeable.

Stephen Kelleher, Synergy Comp

Great training. Great Presenter.

Gaylene Johnston, NxEdge

I enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Great presenter!

Hala Nuemah, Humane Animal Rescue

The workshop reinforce my knowledge of PI and now I feel more proficient.

Angela Lougee,

DRB Systems

Loved it and look forward to coming to a refresher course.

Jennifer Tshudy,


Second time around, more information beginning to 'stick', it makes more sense.

Renee West,

Rea & Associates

This training was instrumental in my learning of PI best practices, delivery, etc.

Nicole Little,


It was a great workshop and the presenter was awesome!

Tara Koerber,


Great workshop. Very informative.

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