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Sonia Neameyer, Master Trainer

Sonia Neameyer is a Certified Master Trainer at the Applied Behavioral Academy. Sonia has been a Certified Master Trainer since the inception of the program and loves helping clients get the most out of PI®. Over the years, Sonia’s passion for understanding human behavior and working with people led her from starting her career as a CPA in public accounting to running her own successful recruiting firm to becoming a certified life coach to now being a PI® Certified Master Trainer. In her free time, Sonia enjoys spending time with friends, running half marathons, and being outside as much as possible in the summertime.

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Jeff Bondy, Master Trainer

Jeff Bondy is the management psychologist and lead trainer at the Applied Behavioral Academy®. Jeff has 9 years worth of PI® experience under his belt, has worked as a certified master trainer since the program’s inception, and has led hundreds of PI® trainings for thousands of enthusiastic participants. Jeff has a long-held interest in human capital and psychometrics, with his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational psychology from NYU and almost two decades of HR and training experience with AT&T. Jeff is a passionate and skilled public speaker, and has received excellent reviews from those who have sat through his trainings. In his free time, Jeff enjoys biking, visiting his family out of state, and cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins!

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